Temporary and Damaging Health Practices

Many people have the tendency to seek quick temporary gains strictly for looks, to either raise their self-esteem, to impress others, or just to be noticed because they crave attention and are insecure.  Peer pressures play a big role in driving people that one to be fit to “temporary fit objectives.” 

Many people have the tendency to seek quick temporary gains strictly for looks
Maintain correct fitness paractices

“Temporary Fit Objective” 

“A ‘Temporary Fit Objective’ is when an individual chooses the quickest – and often a destructive – path available to them so they can achieve ‘outer’ perceived health, while sacrificing good inner health and slowly developing harmful conditions that will eventually break down ‘key’ elements within their system.   

Don’t be lured into a “Temporary Fit Objective” for the damages to your body can be so devastating that they could last throughout your lifetime.  A good example of this is Kirill Tereshin, a 23-year-old often nicknamed “Popeye” and “Bazooka Arms,” that became internet-famous for injecting synthol into his arms that caused them to swell and look out of proportion compared with the rest of his body. 

Aside from giving an unnatural look to the muscles, synthol injections can damage muscle tissue and put cardiovascular health at risk. Among the more serious dangers of synthol injections are nerve damage, blockage of the pulmonary artery, which supplies blood to the lungs, heart attacks, stroke, and dangerous infectious complications.  

“Most of all that is needed in a fitness program you are already doing, now you just have to do it right.”   

Most of us are already familiar with working out; however doing it correctly has become a mystery where most fitness advocates fail miserably.  

Stressful and long-lasting workouts can bring about outrageous cravings, undue body pain, and uncontrollable overeating.
Avoid the extreme, for it compromises the longevity of health

“Stressful and long-lasting workouts can bring about outrageous cravings, undue body pain, and uncontrollable overeating.” 

  • Long workouts are one of the major culprits of injuries, weight gain, overeating and psychological stress.  One good example are aerobics instructors that tend to be muscular but overweight.  The correct work out for an individual is the work out that does not extend past their PDR™ (Point of Diminishing Returns). 

“It takes the complete cooperation of your whole body to properly work out one muscle!”  

One of the most overlooked facts in workouts is that it takes the cooperation of the whole body to properly work out one muscle.  And if a muscle is improperly worked out it causes strain and stress to the complete body.  One of the key elements to avoid failing at your workouts is the ability to breathe correctly throughout all your exercises.  While many people believe that breathing is just that, and it doesn’t matter how you breathe when you work out, they are incredibly mistaken.  

“By the way, breathing doesn’t matter only to the dead.”  

If you ignore the benefits of breathing correctly, you will be left with hard work without proper improvement.  Incorrect breathing is the cause for many failures in physical training as well as an accelerator of panic attacks, improper digestion, and inability to lose weight.  Most of the actions while working out that will cause severe future damage to the body, go unsuspecting in training workouts, so… 

  Get hurt today…pay the price several months in the future.   

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