The Value of Strength Training

What About All Those Other Forms of Training?
What About All Those Other Forms of Training?

The gyms are full of people that practice strength training, mostly to get bigger muscles and in many cases to lose weight.  Strength training is divided into two categories, one being constructive workouts and the other being destructive workouts. my definition of destructive workouts is as follows: 

Destructive workouts

“Workouts so stressful and damaging to the body and mind, were concentration and form are sacrificed to achieve a greater immediate benefit or objective, speeding the aging process of every aspect of the body and putting health and wellbeing at risk of immediate and future injury.”

Hector Sectzer 
There Are Two Types Of Workouts…

Strength Training Better Defined 

Strength training should be designed to improve your overall health and wellbeing, by creating proper muscle contraction and growth of muscle also known as hypertrophy.  

In addition, when properly performed, strength training should promote good joint stability by increasing tendon and ligament toughness. In other words, strength training should promote muscle growth and not destabilize joints and connective tissue, damage those joints, ligaments, and tendons.   

Most strength training exercises are built with good intentions of creating functional hypertrophy and proper joint stability. However, it has been repeatedly shown that repetitive pattern overload occurs when weight training exercises are poorly thought out.  

Repetitive pattern overload occurs when strength training programs fail to address individual joint arthrokinematics and consequently leads to adaptive shortening of muscles and altered joint mechanics. The end result is a dysfunctional body that moves awkwardly and a lifetime full of pain and hard to cure injuries.  Care must be taken when choosing the best strength training exercises to negate joint altering effects of pattern overload which if left untreated, can lead to global body dysfunction and debilitating pain.