Avoiding Destructive Workouts

Destructive workouts
Destructive workouts

There are Workout Programs that provide Ultimate Physical Benefits, unfortunately too many people are hooked on destructive workouts.

Destructive workouts are those that include sports, high impact workouts, CrossFit, and working out without being trained on the basics of handling weight, correct breathing, correct grip, correct velocity, focusing, concentration, knowing our own limitations and fully understanding the damage it causes to go beyond those limitations. 

Comprehending our limitations creates a window of time where the body is able to achieve maximum results.  Working out past our limitations causes a negative backwards spiral that destroys all the benefits previously achieved in such workout. 

old man workout
Some Sort Of Physical Activity Will Reduce The Risk Of Injury As You Get Older 

The point at which the decline of Maximum Results to Effort Ratio begins is what we call the “Point of Diminishing Returns.” If the parameters of the “Point of Diminishing Returns” ™ are violated, a reverse negative effect is activated and the objective to create a healthier and positive workout is reversed. 

Destructive workouts

Incorrect workouts are a main reason for speeding the aging process of every aspect of the body and putting health and wellbeing at immediate risk. 

With declining benefits and added dangers of injuries after 15-25 minutes, prolonged workouts are more damaging and less effective.  Millions of people carry the damaging effects of prolonged and risky “Destructive workouts.” 

The body accepts more intense abuse when one is young, but time shows us that the effects of such abuse don’t go ignored by the human body”  

Hector Sectzer

It is imperative that you understand the condition your body is in when you decide to embark on a correct fitness program to strengthen your body without dangerous damaging results. 

Workout Programs… Constructive Workout Programs 

As people get older, they tend to lose bone density, muscle mass, strength, and function, which can lead to injuries and disabilities. Practicing some sort of regular physical activity is essential to reduce muscle and bone loss and maintain strength as you get older.