Incurring Irreparable Damage Through Working Out

The Two Major Psychological Fallacies About Working Out Are:  

A great number of people have the notion that a workout should take a long period of time with heavy equipment
Heavier workouts are not always the answer
  • “Pushing Ourselves Beyond the Limits of Our Body Capabilities Is the Way to Get Us Stronger and to the Next Level.” Some fitness and bodybuilding videos sometimes show the erroneous believe that pushing a body beyond the limits is a good way to get to the next level. Well this might work for a professional athlete or an athlete that is going to compete in some sort of event, however it does not take away the fact that major injury will eventually occur by this type of practice.  

Unnecessary long workouts are the key factor of why people quit training.  It does not take two hours of daily training to keep body in top working order.  What it takes is moderation and body awareness.  Your body, as well as an automobile or any other type of machine, cannot take constant stress and constant high peak performances.  You don’t run a race to your max potential every day, you don’t play a professional sports game daily, you don’t box competitively daily, and therefore you must not do stressful workouts daily either. 

Unnecessary long workouts are the key factor of why people quit training
Longer workouts don’t always get the proper results

Stressful and long-lasting workouts can bring about outrageous cravings, undue body pain, and uncontrollable overeating. 

Pain and dissatisfaction should not be the results of any workout program.  Being able to recognize the “Point of Diminishing Returns” within yourself in your workout is the essential ingredient to stay successfully fit.  Any further exercise beyond “The Point of Diminishing Returns” in a workout will reverse any positive effects reached to that point.  When you reach the “Point of Diminishing Returns”, you must stop working out, because everything you do after that reverses the beneficial effects of the workout and will cause future irreparable damage to the body.  A good analogy of this is the old saying: “You can only walk half way into a forest, the other half way, you’re walking out”. 

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