The Logic of Working Out on One Body Part Per Day

Why only one body part per day?  Because every part of your body is dependent on the next connected body part and hence to the whole body itself.  When performing your exercises all of your body, willingly or unwillingly will get affected by the type of exercise performed on one body part. 

Why only one body part per day?
Use the proper weight for your set and stay away from straight bars as much as possible

This is true especially when you are working from the “core” of your system.  If you work out correctly your whole body will benefit, if you work out incorrectly, (such in cheating, over lifting, lifting incorrectly, doing too many repetitions) then the effect on your body will take the form of injury and undue pain. 

When working out the form must be perfect, and the performance of each exercise slow and complete. Lifting too much weight and shortening the full length of the repetition, might help you gain some size, but it will definitely cause future painful and long-lasting damage. The damage that you experience as an elderly person, was actually done in your younger years through incorrect and damaging movement or exercise.   

It is important for you to go at your own pace.  One body part once a week working out correctly will bring more benefit to you than three times a week incorrectly.  Many people like to “explode” in a workout because they believe that that will help the muscle grow and their work out will go to the next level.  That technique does not work without damaging consequences.  The “body damage” is almost unavoidable when this method is used.   

Professional athletes chose the “exploding” method to “speed” up their gains and shortcut the normal course of muscle growth and maximum gain.
Limitations are those things we put on ourselves

Professional athletes chose the “exploding” method to “speed” up their gains and shortcut the normal course of muscle growth and maximum gain.  However athletes use a tremendous amount of fitness aids, nutritional, and medical supervision, immediate reparations, and understand that they will get hurt and are willing to sacrifice their bodies for glory and money.

  I got news for you… you are not a professional athlete and will gain absolutely no money or glory from risking injury.  You will however gain future debilitating pain in your later years, making you wish that you had never worked out the way you did without regard to the health of your body.  

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