How Many Times A Week Should I Work Out?

The amount of time that one should wait from workout to workout differs from person to person. Furthermore it differs according to the daily personal routine, nutrition, rest, sleep, stress, mental conditioning, and pain levels brought about by incorrect training.

Many people can workout every other day, many need two days of rest and many 72 hours of rest. The idea here is to listen to the body and workout when the body is not exhausted.

The composition of your workout makes a difference on how long you should wait before your next workout.

Do you workout on your whole body each workout?

Do you work on opposing muscles on every workout?

Do you work Upper Body one day and Lower Body the next?

Do you incorporate aerobic workouts with each training session?

Once you answer those questions, then you have to look at what form of nutritional recuperation method you practice to be able bring the body back to normal and quickly recuperate from muscle/cell breakdown.

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