Hector Sectzer 68 Years Old

Results, when it comes to fitness and nutrition are of value when we don’t incur any injuries or stress the body beyond its limitations.  Eating “Only Food” void of chemicals, preservatives, coloring, bleach, chemical processing and working out 3 times a week with 10 pounds or less can get the results that I have accomplished in this picture at 68 years of age.

There are many ways of acquiring a fit body and because people are usually in a hurry to accomplish their goals, they turn to damaging workouts and steroids, not thinking of the future damage that is accumulating in their bodies.  I have never taken any drugs, smoked or drank alcohol in my whole life.  However, for those that have mistreated their bodies with drugs and alcohol and have now stopped, there is good news.  The body is very forgiven and as soon as you start putting the right nutrients in the body, it starts a healing process.  With time the body fully recuperates from the damage it has undergone for years and starts performing at top condition.

Hector Sectzer 68 Years Old
Hector Sectzer 68 Years Old

The key to be able to do a full recuperation, is to educate yourself on everything that will find its way into your mouth and make sure not only that it doesn’t have any chemicals, it’s not deep fried and doesn’t have added sugars, but also that the food you ingest has the nutrients that your body needs.  Manufacturers of food use over 200 names for sugar in efforts to fool the consumer into believing that their products don’t contain added sugar.  They use words like “All Natural”, which means absolutely nothing, strychnine is “all natural” so are all poisons.  Words like “Grass-fed” which don’t mention that such grass-fed animals have been shot with hormones for rapid growth.  They also use the phrase “No hormones”, which doesn’t tell you if the food has been processed with additives, preservatives or excess sugar.

The phrase “70% organic” or “90% organic” is used.  A product is either 100% organic or not.  If a product has some organic qualities but has been tainted by the chemical processing, it is no longer organic.  It’s like taking your car to the mechanic and he says to you “We have fixed 70% of your breaks…good luck.”  I have also seen “deep fried” foods labeled as organic.  Anything deep fried is no longer food.  You can’t, deep fry, or nuke it…food you just have to cook it. 

The label “No sugar added” is on many products of the supermarket shelves, however when you read the ingredient label one to three of those names the manufacturers use to hide the fact that there is added sugar in the product are on the ingredient label.  It is not the responsibility of the food manufacturer to make sure you keep in good health, that is strictly the consumer’s responsibility, so consumer beware.

“Real Food” tastes good, it’s just food without harmful chemicals.  The difference is that you’ll develop an addiction to the chemicals in “bad food” and not in “Good Food.”  So, do you really want to be an addict?

You are probably wondering why I am mentioning so much about food when it comes to being fit and not about fitness training.  That is because “The Body Is a Masterpiece that is Sculptured In the Kitchen and Chiseled in the Gym”  Eighty percent of the key element to be able to be in good health, fit and trim takes place in the kitchen.  As an example:  Would you live in an apartment building that was built on a mud foundation?  Even if it had the latest technical advantages and the rent was cheap, I’m sure you wouldn’t risk your life and that of your family by living there.

A good foundation in your nutrition will make it 100 times easier for you to stay fit and in good health, so make sure that you don’t become a lab testing rat for the food manufacturers and buy “ONLY FOOD”.  If products don’t sell in supermarkets, they will come off the shelf, then we won’t have to worry about poisons in our foods.

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