The Body Is a Masterpiece that is Sculptured In the Kitchen and Chiseled in the Gym

Hector Sectzer

What you eat will determine the type of material you have to sculpture the masterpiece…your body. Once the masterpiece is sculptured, then the chiseling begins. In my books there two main explanations to building a successful body and thus finally ease your mind on the current complicated arena of health, fitness and nutrition. Number one is how you best sculpture your body so it is healthy inside as well as outside. And number two is how you can best chisel your body so it reaches maximum potential without injuries internally as well as superficially by a fitness program.

The most important factor that we need to deal with in regard to chiseling our bodies is what I call the P.D.R. The normal P.D.R. for most people is 15 minutes.

P.D.R: Point Of Diminishing Returns: The point at which the body will no longer benefit
positively from movement and tension and begins a negative spiraling effect-Hector sectzer

So if in fact the normal P.D.R. for humans is 15 minutes, then what we must concentrate on is how to increase the P.D.R. period in our system so we can become healthier and stronger. Our Fitness and Longevity book will detail how you can increase your Point of Diminishing Returns in a workout to as much as two hours from a mere 15 minutes.

wellness girl
15 minutes workout

The P.D.R can be easily compared to aerobic endurance, except that P.D.R is the
endurance for strength, which most people tend to ignore.

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