Only Eat Food

THE MESSAGE ON FOOD : Only eat food

No one should feel restrained from eating what they want and that is why no one should be on a diet. 

The message here is…“ONLY EAT FOOD.” 

Food is an item that carries necessary nutrients to the human body.Hector Sectzer

Only eat healthy food

Sodium benzoate is a preservative used in acidic liquids. It is also found in food products.

Sodium benzoate is also used in fireworks and makes a great rocket fuel.

Happy 4th of July!

Only eat food
Only eat food, maximize energy

Potassium Bromate is most often found in bread products as it improves the quality of flour.

Even very small doses can be harmful, and it has been banned in Canada, Europe and even China but not the U.S.

Your food label may not include the term but beware of anything that includes “enriched flour,” which most likely contains this toxic substance.

While the U.S. still allows this ingredient to be used, many companies including Orowheat and Pepperidge Farm and supermarkets like Whole Foods have banned the use of the additive in their products.

Skinny does not mean healthy any more than a few pounds overweight mean unhealthy. – Hector Sectzer

Awareness is the KEY element to maintain good fitness and nutrition. We must separate the media hype, the fads, the one pill, one drink that cures all, etc. from reality. 

Staying healthy and fit is easier than one might think; however, marketing, media, and manufacturers of “food for profit” and “fitness equipment” make it more confusing and difficult for us to understand the difference between what is good for us and what is “hype.”

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