Working Out Brings About Killer Cravings

Working Out Brings About Killer Cravings
Working Out Brings About Killer Cravings
It is not your diet that you need to discipline, it is your mind.
Working Out Will Bring About Major Cravings

It is not your diet that you need to discipline, it is your mind.  Your mind tells you what to do and what it’s influenced by you to believe what it needs.  The problem is that because we subconsciously influence our minds, the mind always lies to us.  The body gives a message to your mind on what it needs to survive and to rebuild the body after we break it down by working out. 

What the body is normally asking after a workout is for is some sort of nutrition, e.g. protein, fats and complex carbohydrates, protein for the muscles and complex carbohydrates to help break down that protein and fats in your system.  What you are experiencing after a workout is what we call a “sugar craving”, your mind automatically refers to items in your life that give you that immediate gratification and immediate rush.  That could be ice cream, candy, cake, etc.  Your mind is sending you a wrong message to immediately justify and satisfy your body cravings as you want them to be understood.  Eventually if you don’t stop feeding your body junk, it will break down and it will manifest in illnesses. 

So you see, you influence your mind to lie to you.  A person that has strict or strong workout ethics will always have stronger cravings, because working out drains, stresses and breaks down the body and muscle tissue, so the craving is a way for your body to request what it needs from you to rebuild. 

A person that has strict or strong workout ethics will always have stronger cravings, because working out drains
Let the Lightbulb In Your Mind Turn On And Stop Thinking Of Food

WHAT DO I DO? Cravings for junk can be diffused by following certain correct steps.

  1. nowing what your body needs before it asks for it, is the number one step. 
  2. Understanding what type of nutrition your body is asking for is the number two step.
  • Staying rational when you get a mind craving, (such as ice cream, cake or other junk), so you will make the right nutritional choice. 
  • Understanding the difference between a “body craving” and a “mind craving.”  
  • 4. Stop thinking about food as something that tastes good and makes you feel good and start thinking of food as mere “fuel” to make your body run efficiently. 
  • Prepare for your nutrition according to your daily exertion.
  • Research what the body needs and avoid media hype.  There is not one pill, one potion, one drink fix all.

To determine what to do in each individual case would entail some key questions answered to be able to give an exact solution, since we are all different and there isn’t one solution for all.  However following the seven steps above will put you in the right track. 

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