How Often Should I Work Out?

How Often Should I Work Out?
Working Out Should be done at your own pace.

Many people believe that one should workout every other day.  Others believe that it’s best to work out one day on and two days off. Yet others believe that one should workout daily. 

I have to agree with all of them, with only one condition.  You should workout as often as your body’s ratio of rest to workouts permits it.  By that I mean that we are all different and some of us need more rest than others.  Not only that, but sometimes we need a lot of rest and other times we are so full of energy that we could workout every day.

You have to keep in mind that while you workout you are breaking down muscle tissue.  That’s right you are not building muscle, you are breaking it down.  The body builds muscle with rest.  Of course to be able to build that muscle during rest you need previous workouts that have exhausted or put strong pressure on those muscles and correct nutrition.

he way to know how often you should workout is by listening to your body
Listen to your body and only do those Exercises that your body feels comfortable with.

 The way to know how often you should work out is by listening to your body and figure out how to work out often enough to the point where you don’t bring the body to such stress that it crashes.  When the body crashes and you feel exhausted you are inviting illnesses, injuries and fitness failure.  Working out when you have reached a point where your body just doesn’t respond right and crashes is one of the biggest reasons why people quit working out…it gets too hard, you don’t get the right results and you are so stressed out that you eat so much junk that you are actually getting the reverse results than the ones you want.

So listen to your body, isolate your mind’s powerful influential thoughts and concentrate on the condition that your body is in, your breathing, your digestive system, your ability to focus, your stress level over having to work out and your every workout increasing ratio of exhaustion to each exercise.

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