Do You Really Have 2 to 3 Hours to Go to a Gym?

Do You Really Have 2 to 3 Hours to Go to a Gym?

In order to not make working out a stressful situation, unless you’re a gym rat or are there because you are on some kind of sports team, working out should be done in the comforts of your home.

Most people don’t have the time to spend two hours or more away from their daily schedule from the time they drive to a gym workout and come back.

That’s when working out becomes stressful, specially when the only time you can go to the gym is during rush hour, where everyone that has signed up for the gym is there. For the very reason, I developed the 15-minute workout.

My program, and you can find it on amazon under my name, Hector Sectzer, is a 15 minute program with 10 pounds or less that will get you in shape, make you lose weight and keep it off. This workout can be done in the morning or at night or at any time that you have 15 minutes free.

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