Correct Workout Practices

Correct Workout Practices
Correct Workout Practices

Have you ever gone to the gym and seen people that have been working out, but always look the same or worse?  Have you ever asked yourself why do those people go to the gym if they get no improvement?  Additionally injuries are rampid amongst those that spend any time working out. Working out and not getting proper results is a common happening in everyone’s fitness life and it’s mainly because most people that engage in fitness don’t follow correct workout practices.

Have you ever gone to the gym and seen people that have been working out, but always look the same or worse?
Proper Oxygen Intake Is Essential for Muscle Growth

So here are some pointers that you might or might not be doing while you are going through your workout routine.

  • Always Breathe in Through Your Nose and Out Through Your Mouth Throughout The Complete Exercise.
  • Never Hold Your Breath While Exercising.
  • Do Not Swing the Weights in Any Exercise.
  • Do Not Arch Your Back to Help Lifting.
  • Always Concentrate on The Muscle You Are Working On.
  • Always Squeeze the Muscle at The Completion Point.
  • Never Sacrifice Good Form for Additional Weight or Repetitions
  • Do Not Perform Jerking or Impact Motions with Any Exercise.
  • Always Warm Up Before Your Exercising.
  • Always Cool Down and Stretch After Exercising.

“The Body Is a Masterpiece that is Sculptured in the Kitchen and Chiseled in the Gym” Hector 2012

How to Reduce the Risk of Injury While Working Out

The idea is to avoid injury and stay fit while creating a better quality of life.  If you work out in any shape or form without understanding the “key elements” to an injury-free fitness program, you Will undergo long lasting injuries if you:

  • Use Incorrect form
  • Use Incorrect breathing
  • Do Prolonged stressful Workouts
  • Lay tracks while Exercising
  • Lack Concentration
  • Have Improper guidance
  • Set Unreasonable Goals
  • Compete with your Workout Partners
  • Push Yourself Beyond your Limitations
  • Are in Constant Self-competition
  • Feel That if you Don’t Lift Heavier and do More Reps You’re not Improving

Tips for When You Embark on a Fitness Journey

  • Do not follow the guidance of a trainer that is not qualified or has not properly evaluated the breaking point of someone older or in poor shape and just wants to make you do more and push you harder.
  • To reduce or avoid injury effects during workouts you must whenever possibly replace straight bar exercises with dumbbells resistance bands or EZ curl bars.
While you perform your workouts, THINK, use that powerful brain of yours to concentrate
See this secuence

While you perform your workouts, THINK, use that powerful brain of yours to concentrate.  You are not working out to entertain yourself; you are working out to get RESULTS.  With every move you make while training you should be thinking of the following:

  1. Am I Breathing correctly? –  Maximum results cannot be accomplished without proper oxygenation. Breathe slowly and steadily.
  2. Am I Concentrating on the Muscle I Am Working On? –  Without concentration your mind will automatically choose the path of least resistance.
  3. Am I Keeping Correct Form? –  Bad form results in injuries and lack of results.
  4. Am I Controlling The Velocity: – Keep the same speed of your repetitions when you make the effort as well as when you release the pressure.
  5. Am I Using The Correct Grip? – Grip your weights correctly so you don’t incur tendon, ligament and joint damage.
  6. Am I Feeling Each Repetition? – Squeeze that muscle as you complete your repetition, so you get the most out of each repetition.
  7. Am I Using The Correct Weight? – Use weight that you are comfortable with.  Using heavier weights beyond your capability that compromises form will get you hurt.
  8. Am I Drinking Enough Water? –  Always carry water with you and hydrate throughout the workout.
  9. Am I Timing My Exercises? – Concentrate on results and not on weight or repetitions.  Make sure you feel every repetition in each exercise and perform your repetitions on a “time” basis not on a “repetition” basis.
  10. Am I Building My Stabilizing Muscles? – Use the F.I.T™ program to build your stabilizing muscles in your body.  This is the foundation needed to build yourself to your desired goal.  Without a strong foundation your body will eventually collapse.
  11.  Am I Being Consistent With Each Rep? – Weather at Home or at the Gym, carefully follow the F.I.T.™ program to avoid injuries or lack of results.
  12. Am I Being Careful When Returning weights? –   A great number of injuries occur after the set is done and a person returns the weights to the rack.  This is where we tend not to think about proper lifting.

When you are training you are in your own private world, avoid competition, distractions, socializing, daydreaming or time restraints.  Set your time frame goal and slowly and carefully work to perfect it.

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