Injuries, Pain and Mental Stress…Is This Healthy? … The Dam Will Eventually Break

Workouts are incorrectly associated with long, arduous, stressful exercises, punishment, pain, and eventual failure.  This condition takes effect because we, as a society, want to emulate professional athletes as they appear at the top of their game in what is called a “Temporary Fitness Condition.”  

Workouts are incorrectly associated with long, arduous, stressful exercises, punishment, pain, and eventual failure.
Hard workouts can cause mental stress

“Temporary Fitness Condition”:  A state of fitness reached by exerting the body beyond its normal limits by performing difficult, arduous, and punishing feats for short periods of time while being left with damaging and painful medical conditions. 

  Most of us never witness the “behind the scenes” that takes place in an athlete’s life.  Most of us never witness the pain they endure just to heal their wounds from the sport they perform, the operations, the stimulants, the drugs (doctor prescribed or not) or the rapid aging and decaying of their body after their careers are over.   

Their workouts are what we call “Destructive Workouts.”  Many of these workouts which are attempted by the everyday individual are “High Performance Workouts” by professional athletes, designed to achieve the highest level of conditioning for a very short period of time pushing normal physical abilities beyond their limitations while sacrificing inner health and causing current and future irreversible damage to joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and the nervous system.   

Behind the scenes nagging injuries are common with athletes

Athletes choose to sacrifice their health and wellbeing for money and fame.  Most athletes’ lifespan is about 5 to 15 years and after that they are left to deal with serious body damage, and an accelerated aged body.  In most cases their injuries trouble them for the rest of their life and in many cases take their life before its time.  

The everyday individual is not getting paid millions of dollars to self-abuse their body and will not encounter fame from it, so it is up to each one of us to rationally exercise for longevity, a healthy body and mind.  What everyone that is not a paid athlete should concentrate on is “Constructive Workouts.”   

One can reach a similar look and strength that an athlete enjoys, for a far longer period of time than an athlete does – by the learning of our F.I.T. ™ Fitness Longevity Training Methods.

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