Home Fitness I’m Now In Quarantine What Kind Of Simple Exercises Can I Do So I Don’t Gain 100 More Pounds?

I’m Now In Quarantine What Kind Of Simple Exercises Can I Do So I Don’t Gain 100 More Pounds?

I’m Now In Quarantine What Kind Of Simple Exercises Can I Do So I Don’t Gain 100 More Pounds?
I’m Now In Quarantine What Kind Of Simple Exercises Can I Do So I Don’t Gain 100 More Pounds?

Exercises and Quarantine

FACT: Exercises make you eat more! How do I get around that?

Doing exercises that promote blood flow and stimulation are the key exercises to avoid wanting to eat more throughout the day. Exercises are divided into two kinds:

  • Constructive Exercises
  • Destructive Exercises

The idea is to do constructive exercises, so we don’t accumulate future damage and pain to our joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.   Working out can be rewarding and pain free.  Soreness is an acceptable condition when someone works out, but there’s a fine line between soreness and right out pain.  Soreness can be relieved with stretching and light massaging, pain on the other hand can be impossible to deal with on a daily basis and interferes with our day to day activities.  Even the simplest exercise like walking can bring about nagging pain if not done correctly.

Why did I write a book on exercises to do while in quarantine?

Correct training practices are important

FACT: People will try all kinds of crazy ways to exercises during quarantine and get hurt.  Some of those now inundating the Internet and Facebook entail lifting a couch to do squats, doing exercises with your dog or your child on your back, lifting furniture or curling a piece of furniture, pushing heavy furniture around the house, etc.  Al, these crazy ideas are things that will get you hurt and could also hurt those that you choose to make participate with you, like your pets and your toddlers.

SOLUTION?  Get serious about being active and careful on how you do your exercises.  There’s hundreds of exercises that don’t entail using your children, having your boyfriend, girlfriend jumping on your back, or having to move furniture around and getting hurt in the process.  That’s why I developed a 15-minute workout with 10 pounds or less that will get you unbelievable results and avoid you getting hurt.  Only 15 Minutes A Day and you can achieve the results that you tried to achieve spending 2 hours in the gym and failed!

Don’t attempt exercising while carrying another person for resistance
Unorthodox training is a sure path to injury
Moving boxes or heavy objects don’t qualify as a healthy way to fitness

FALSE BELIEF:  Most people are under the impression that to be able to have a good fit body you need to spend hour working out at the gym. WRONG

FALSE BELIEF:  Most people think that you need to use a lot of weight while working out to build good strong muscles. WRONG

FALSE BELIEF:  Most people think that you have to do hours of aerobic exercises to have a lean cut body.  WRONG

This is a picture of me and my results on this simple but effective home workout.  15 minutes a day with 10 pounds or less.
This is a picture of me and my results on this simple but effective home workout. 15 minutes a day with 10 pounds or less.

QUESTION:  Why is this workout effective for me and thousands of others?

ANSWER:  Because some very important elements need to be in play when working out and those are:

  • The correct grip
  • Correct concentration
  • Correct focus
  • Correct breathing
  • Correct velocity of the repetition
  • Correct amount of repetitions
  • Correct lifting techniques
  • Correct form
  • Knowing what exercises will benefit you
Weights can easily be replaced by things like water bottles

In the book I put out on Amazon, it details exactly how to avoid injury, avoid too long of workouts, how to get maximum benefits and how to put the right elements in play to make sure you don’t work out more than 15 minutes a day.

Fast, Easy Home Exercises: Get Results in 15 Minutes or Less, Perfect to do during Quarantine Times

FACT: Most conventional work Outs are not effective.

What are the results of conventional workouts?

Eventually, due to the abuse sustained during most “conventional workouts” the body starts losing its ability to completely and effectively repair and recover from the continuous abuse of muscle, cartilage, ligament, joints, bone, etc.  Injuries that never heal properly during incorrect workouts become reoccurring and more severe with age.  This keeps the body in constant inflammation forcing us to quit staying fit.

Incorrect stressful workouts lead to bad cravings and binging
The correct food choices will assist your training with success

Eating junk food will impide building a healthy body

What happens to my eating habits when I do conventional workouts?

Many extreme negative results occur when working out incorrectly, but one of the most common is disruption of good eating habits and increased cravings for junk food. Eating is divided into ten different kinds and they are as follows:

  1. Nutritional Eating:  Eating strictly to furnish the human body of the nutrients it needs to operate daily and survive major internal disruptions.
  2. Reward Eating: Eating to reward one’s self for a hard day at work, for not eating very much during the day or to calm ourselves down from daily stress.
  3. Comfort Eating: Eating when we are sad, happy, tired, in a social setting, impatient, anxious, self-pity, angry, depressed, etc.
  4. Addictive Eating: Eating foods that carry too much sugar and addicting chemicals that entrap people into constant needing to have another fix of junk food.  An uncontrollable addicting situation that requires extreme awareness to stop and leads to withdrawals.
  5. Complacent Eating: Feeling that you are already so fat, that more food won’t matter and that it’s the only thing that makes you happy in life.  The “what’s the difference, we’re all going to die someday” attitude.
  6. Traumatic Reaction Eating: Unconscious eating due to a traumatic experience that a person had in their past, that they might not even be aware of.
  7. Recreational Eating: Eating to have fun.  Not enjoying living without having food at any gathering, activity, for any reason or purpose.
  8. The Tracking Eating: When an individual can’t eat without obsessively counting calories, carbohydrates, fat intake and portion intake without taking into account the nutritional needs of the body.
  9. Transition Eating:  When an individual decides to go on a diet and starts switching or replacing what they like to eat for something they absolutely dislike but with lesser calories or carbohydrates.  It usually leads to failure and additional weight gain.
  10. Omission Eating: Eating by omission, which eventually leads to anorexia nervosa.  When a person constantly checks themselves out after a meal and sees that their full stomach now looks like they are getting fat and proceeds to vomit their food.  This leads to desiring more food to replace what was just wasted and the cycle of eating and purging begins.
The wrong workouts or activities can lead to damaging stress
Heavy weights are not a necessity for positive results

The stress of incorrect workouts will move “Nutritional eating” into one of several of the above eating conditions, making it a living nightmare to stay in shape and lose unwanted fat.  The workout that I’ve developed and can be found here, will guide you to avoid negative results by irrational work out practices.

In most cases people quit working out after a short time because of incorrect work out practices and just give up trying to stay healthy.  In case you are wondering why you always quit working out, here are some of the reasons.

Why do we always quit working out

We quit because:

  1. Working out is too hard
  2. We don’t have time to spend several hours working out
  3. We keep getting hurt.  
  4. We don’t have the time to go to the gym. 
  5. We don’t see improvement.
  6. We are sore all the time.
  7. It’s no fun.
  8. It wasn’t our idea to start working out to begin with.
  9. We mistakenly think that whenever we stop working out our muscles will turn to fat anyway.
  10. We don’t want to get “too big”. 
  11. The wedding is over.
  12. Cake tastes too good.
  13. We think that when we get old we will lose it all anyway.
  14. Our spouses don’t work out.
  15. The club is too far away.
  16. Our workouts interfere with our eating junk foods and other bad habits.
  17. It’s too much of a sacrifice to do it all the time.
  18. Your “significant other” does not want to risk you looking “too good”.
  19. And many others, you fill in the blanks.
Failure to accomplish weight loss can lead to depression
Head aches, back pain, neck pain, elbow and shoulder injuries are a result of over training

Working out aw well as any physical activity is directly connected with changes in our eating habits and disruption or our normal digestive patterns.  That’s why it’s so important to do physical activities that don’t stress the body to the point that your mind forces you to eat uncontrollably through unreasonable cravings.

Get real about what’s real.  Understand what it takes to stay fit, which is a lot less exercise than you think, and a lot simpler eating habits than most commercialized programs would like you to believe.

A workout should be an avenue to strengthen the body and the mind of an individual while building endurance and stability in the body and to provide the subject with longevity and a better quality of life.  STOP relying on someone else telling YOU what your body needs!

Learn how YOUR OWN body works and reacts to movement, physical stress, mental pressure, fatigue, rest, food, supplements, and prolonged fitness activities.  Learn to listen to YOUR body, which is totally UNIQUE from any other body in the universe!

Beating and abusing the body until our minds refuse to comply

Why do we beat and torture the body and believe that it is the way to keep it fit?  Because to a certain extent we all have compulsive personalities and we believe that if a “little bit” helps, then “a lot” is far better.

Society’s warped sense of reality makes normality out of extreme behavior.  Daily exhausting routines WILL NOT ever help you MAINTAIN your goals.  We can achieve cosmetic success by doing almost anything, starvation, working out for hours at a time, doing loads of cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, bodybuilding, etc.  However, eventually the body WILL give out and be broken down by your torturous regime.

I have designed a fitness program, a workout, an activity program, that only takes 15 minutes with 10 pounds or less and will finally help you lose weight, stay fit and keep those unwanted pounds off for good.  Check out here

You won’t regreat it.