The Body vs Mind Cravings

There are two definite kinds of cravings, a “Mind Craving” and a “Body Craving.” The Mind Craving: The mind craving is the most dangerous craving that one can be faced with. The mind, having an infinite collections of everything that has happened in your life, good or bad will guide your cravings in any direction you influence it to go.

Unconsciously, or maybe not, we guide the mind into a variety of good as well as bad circumstances such as dangerous dares, fantasies, drives to succeed, stressful situations, dangerous situations, etc. However when it comes to nutrition, we seem to be unaware of our self-defeating mind cravings.

The Body Craving: The body only craves essential nutrients to keep the body healthy and alive. We tend to ignore “Body Cravings”, which deal solely with nutritional demands by the body to survive, and instead we respond to “Mind Cravings” that have nothing to do with nutrition in most cases. Learn how to recognize body cravings and always follow them.

© Copyright – Hector Sectzer


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