The Body vs Mind Cravings

The Body Addictions

“Master Mental Craving”:  A craving that initiates an uncontrollable negative chain of events if not satisfied. – Hector Sectzer

The Mind Addictions

So, we ask ourselves, if I eat that hamburger, it will be bad for my body, since I was not hungry but was influenced into thinking that I needed that hamburger by the television advertisement.  But if I don’t eat it then a chain reaction of other cravings to replace the hamburger will be released in my mind, that will just make me overeat, and then I will eat the hamburger anyway.

This seems like a “no win” situation, for no matter what I do, I will be doing the wrong thing.  How do I find a way to do the right thing?  The first thing t do is… Control the mind.

“What the body wants and how we satisfy that without allowing the mind to interfere is the question that needs to be resolved.” – Hector Sectzer


THE MIND ADDICTIONS – Negatively affect the body

As mentioned before, “The Mind Will Always Lie.”  This is a strong and unusual statement; however it is true in all of us.  The mind will lie because it is manipulated by our desires – right, wrong, or indifferent.  Such desires are stimulated or influenced by “outside influences” thousands of times a day.  Media, friends, relatives, events around you and your own self-influence.  The body however cannot be made to change or comply with our thoughts or wishes no matter how hard we try.  To make the body react to change, we must… control the mind!

“Food is either a drug or a nutrient, which one is entering a person’s system is strictly up to the individual” – Hector Sectzer

the body vs sugar addiction
The Body vs Sugar Addiction

You might say “my body wants something sweet!”, and that such is a body addiction.  However it is the mind that is telling you that, even though the body might be asking for some additional energy a complex carbohydrate, which is something sweet, to break down the food you ate.  Such ‘sweet’ should be one that doesn’t have additives, preservatives, chemicals, coloring, bleaching, or non-food ‘natural flavoring’.  The body can’t process foreign chemicals and stores those in the fat cells.

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