Choline And Muscle Performance

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Benefit #9: Helps Protect Nerve Fibers

Whether you are in pain, in a cold or hot environment, or you are hungry, you become aware of your circumstances through the communication that happens between your body and your brain. This process happens through a network of nerves that spreads out throughout the body. The network of nerves comprises of thousands of nerve fibers that serve different parts of the body.

Choline And Muscle Performance
Choline and the Nerve Network

For these nerve fibers to function properly, they need to have a protective cover or sheath. This way, the electric signals running through one nerve fiber do not slow or leak. This protective cover is called myelin. Choline is one of the nutrients necessary for the generation of myelin.

Benefit #10: Boosts Muscle Performance

There are many factors that are necessary for great physical performance, especially in sports. These include strong muscles and stamina. To build strong muscles, you require optimum nutrition and regular workouts. Besides other nutrients required for muscle function, choline plays an important role. Studies have shown that increasing choline intake boosts physical performance in a number of ways.

Choline And Muscle Performance
Choline And Muscle Performance

Choline helps the nervous system to function more effectively, including within the muscles. This means that electrical signals between the brain and the muscles are more efficiently communicated leading to better muscle function. Choline also supports lipid metabolism. Adequate choline intake can also improve stamina so that muscles perform more efficiently for longer.

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