How Can I Increase My Stamina

How Can I Increase My Stamina
How Can I Increase My Stamina

There’s a number of ways to increase your current stamina. 

  • Spending 20 minutes on the elliptical machine three days a week will do a good job. 
  • Lifting light weights for 20 minutes a day doing 20 reps for each exercise
  • Breathing correctly in through the nose out through the mouth
  • Yoga
  • Music of choice while exercising (as long as you can concentrate and focus at the same time)
  • Certain herbs will help some that have caffeine and Ashwagandha
  • Consistency on exercising
How Can I Increase My Stamina
Strength and cordination are not a replace for Stamina
  • Mix your strength workout with cardio
  • Have a clean nutritional program

The body undergoes a period of Ultimate Physical Benefits™ at which time you will reach a Point of Diminishing Returns™.  The period of time that provides Ultimate Physical benefits™ before you reach the Point of Diminishing Returns™ is known as endurance.

How Can I Increase My Stamina
A routine that includes cycling will improve stamina

For most beginners that window of positive results is about 15 minutes, however it can be increased to as long as two hours with the right training. 

“Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits”:  A window of time where the body is able to achieve maximum results from a particular exertion.

If the parameters of the “Window to Create Ultimate Physical Benefits” are violated, a reverse negative effect is activated and the objective to create a healthier, stronger and stress-free fitness workouts now becomes … impossible…unattainable… out of reach.  Use some of the tips above and get on a good nutrition and fitness program that doesn’t stress you out or keep you hours in the gym and you will accomplish longer and stronger endurance.

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