If I Eat Right, Do I Have To Worry About Portion Control?

Whether your nutrition is correct or not, overeating is very damaging to your body. There was a comedian that used to say “if you eat 40 pounds of hay, you’re going to gain 40 pounds.” He was not too incorrect on his assumption.

The stomach is the size of your fist and the more you stretch it the more food you’ll want. Learn to eat smaller meals more often that 2 to 3 large meals and a huge dessert at night. Portion control helps you get the benefits of the nutrients in the food without overeating.

The key word here is nutrients. So it’s important that “you eat only food” any chemically processed food, or food shot with hormones, or food with additives and preservatives can not be counted as nutrition, for those chemicals strip most of the nutrient benefits in such foods.

Overeating will still make you fat, so understand the needs of the body and the damages of overloading your system on a daily basis. A good habit to get into is to put all the food you are going to eat in one sitting on your plate at once and keeping in mind that the stomach is as big as your fist, eat only that size portion and leave the rest for a couple of hours later.

This will help your digestive system and will get you used to control your food as opposed to your food controlling you.

© Copyright – Hector Sectzer


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