Fake Foods

Fake Foods
Fake Foods

There are many items that you probably eat that are actually not real food. Some of the examples are:

• Sushi, white tuna roll (your odds of getting served real white tuna in a restaurant are about the same as hitting the lotto)

• Parmesan cheese (“100 percent Parmesan” are often cut with cheaper cheese or even wood pulp), real Parmesan cheese is a pricey delicacy from Parma, Italy

• Honey (often honey is diluted with cheap sweeteners, like high-fructose corn syrup, or illegal antibiotics)

• Coffee (twigs, roasted corn, ground roasted barley, and even roasted ground parchment has been known to adulterate coffee); tea (it’s been found that manufacturers have added sawdust and leaves from other plants to make some teas last longer)

•Dry spices; fruit juice; extra virgin oil (instead of using the pure stuff, loaded with healthy fats, they’re often diluted with cheaper oils like peanut and soybean).

So – read ingredient labels and only shop in trusted markets.

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