Why Can’t I build Better Glutes?

Why Can’t I build Better Glutes?
Why Can’t I build Better Glutes?

One of the biggest problems with working out on any body part is paying too much attention to the repetitions and not enough to the form. One can do any exercise that they want for a particular body part and get absolutely no results or extremely poor ones. So to be able to achieve good results we must understand what’s involved in “good form.” So here are the specifics that compose good form:

1. Correct Breathing.
2. Correct Grip.
3. Correct Velocity.
4. Correct focus.
5. Correct concentration.
6. Varied Exercises to Avoid “laying Tracks’.
7. Warm up and stretching.
8. Cool down and stretching.
9. Correct frequency of workouts.
10. Avoid Over-training.

If you’re currently exercising the above specifics, then here are some exercises that will help build a good gluteus maximus:

1. Side plank abductions.
2. Single leg squats.
3. Hip bridges.
4. Kettlebell swings (with an emphasis on hip thrust with glute contraction).
5. Hip external rotations.
6. Single-leg elevated hip thrusts.
7. Romanian Deadlift.
8. Dip (Chest Variation)..
9. Deadlift. Warm up.
10. Barbell or Dumbbell Lunge.
11. Single-Leg Hip Thrust or Single-Leg Glute Bridge.
12. Bulgarian Split Squat.
13. Glute Blaster or Hip Thrust.

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