When I Work Out, I Get Horrible Cravings and a Bad Temper

Stress of any sort will give you horrible cravings and a bad temper and over-training causes additional stress on your body.

Many people that train with weights, do cross training or aerobic workouts tend to take stimulants, like a lot of coffee, a lot of green tea, or stimulants in pill or powder form that drains the nutrients out of the body and stresses the nervous system.

Coffee and tea are the harshest diuretics without prescription on the market, which means that they force water out of your system through urination.

Dehydration, improper nutrition, and dieting are major causes for horrible cravings and a bad temper, so it’s imperative that if you’re going to train or get involved in any type of active that requires additional use of strength or fast movement that you replenish the nutrients and minerals that get used during those activities.

There are medical reasons why some people might get horrible cravings and a bad temper such as hypoglycemia.

Just in case here are some symptoms to watch out for to determine if you have a medical condition that needs tending to:

* Cravings for sweets

* Mental confusion

* Mood swings

* Unexplained fatigue and exhaustion

* Weak spells

* Cold sweats

* Depression

* Headaches

* Heart palpitations

* Digestive disturbances

* Forgetfulness

* Insomnia

* Anxiety

* Obesity

* Internal trembling

* Crying spells

* Lack of sex drive (females)

* Impotence (males)

* Allergies

* Blurred vision

* Night terrors and nightmares

* Muscle pains

* Allergies

* Itching and crawling sensations on the skin

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