What’s The Best Way To Get Results While Training?

The best results while training come from three different aspects:

1. Correct training practices which include o Consistency.

o Proper Form. o Proper grip.

o Proper Velocity.

o Proper Breathing.

o Proper concentration.

o Proper Focus.

o Avoid “Laying Tracks”.

2. Proper Nutrition

o Eating the Correct Amount of Macros at Every Meal

o Portion Control

o Proper Hydration (This includes not over-hydrating)

o Avoid Junk Food

o Avoid Alcohol Consumption

o Proper Supplementation

3. Proper Rest/Sleep

o Eight Hour sleep a Night.

o Make sure You Are Sound Asleep Between 10 PM and 2 AM.

o Proper Rest Between sets.

4. Warm-Ups and Cool Downs

o Allow for Proper Warm-ups and stretching before Workouts.

o Practice Static stretching.

o Proper Cool Down After Workouts.

o Allow at Least 15 minutes for Warm-ups and Cool Downs.

5. Positive Mental Attitude

o Minimize Stress.

o Practice Deep Breathing.

o Allow Time For Yourself at Least twice a Day for a Minimum of 10 Minutes.

o Keep a Positive mental Attitude.

o Have massages as Often as You Can.

o Learn How to Recognize Your Body Communication With your Brain.

I know that most of you wanted a simple answer, however there’s no simple solution to getting the best results from training. Doing less than suggested above will run a high risk of failure, for all the components are necessary for a successful training program and to reduce or eliminate injury.

© Copyright – Hector Sectzer


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