What’s The Best Way To Get Results While Training?

What’s The Best Way To Get Results While Training?
What’s The Best Way To Get Results While Training?

The best results while training come from three different aspects:

1. Correct training practices which include o Consistency.

o Proper Form. o Proper grip.

o Proper Velocity.

o Proper Breathing.

o Proper concentration.

o Proper Focus.

o Avoid “Laying Tracks”.

2. Proper Nutrition

o Eating the Correct Amount of Macros at Every Meal

o Portion Control

o Proper Hydration (This includes not over-hydrating)

o Avoid Junk Food

o Avoid Alcohol Consumption

o Proper Supplementation

3. Proper Rest/Sleep

o Eight Hour sleep a Night.

o Make sure You Are Sound Asleep Between 10 PM and 2 AM.

o Proper Rest Between sets.

4. Warm-Ups and Cool Downs

o Allow for Proper Warm-ups and stretching before Workouts.

o Practice Static stretching.

o Proper Cool Down After Workouts.

o Allow at Least 15 minutes for Warm-ups and Cool Downs.

5. Positive Mental Attitude

o Minimize Stress.

o Practice Deep Breathing.

o Allow Time For Yourself at Least twice a Day for a Minimum of 10 Minutes.

o Keep a Positive mental Attitude.

o Have massages as Often as You Can.

o Learn How to Recognize Your Body Communication With your Brain.

I know that most of you wanted a simple answer, however there’s no simple solution to getting the best results from training. Doing less than suggested above will run a high risk of failure, for all the components are necessary for a successful training program and to reduce or eliminate injury.

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