What’s My Training Saying To Me?

Often people that have trainers for their workout programs find themselves on a “different page than they are.” To check if you have a good trainer or not here is a short list that will help:

  1. Is your trainer paying attention to you throughout your whole workout, or does he just make good conversation?
  2. Did your trainer explain you how he wants you to do your exercises the way HE WANTS?  Because everyone that trains always says that they know how to do certain exercises.  What they don’t know is…how much they don’t know.
  3. Did your trainer explain the correct way of breathing so the maximum amount of oxygen fills your lungs.
What’s My Training Saying To Me?
What’s My Training Saying To Me?
  1. Did he explain to you the correct gripping of the weights and WHY?
  2. Did he explain the laws of velocity while performing the exercise?
  3. Did he explain concentration vs focus when you work out?
  4. Did he explain to you the damages of “laying tracks’ during your workouts?
  5. Is he absolutely 100% paying attention to every rep that you do?

You are paying him or her for this, and he/she should deliver accordingly.  If he/she did not adhere to at least the eight points above, what you are doing is ‘renting a friend’, not hiring a trainer.

© Copyright – Hector Sectzer


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