Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Whether you fall in love with some type of training or you fall into HATE with working out, some of the damaging things that you are doing or not doing properly could be of danger to your health.  So train wisely, be respectful of the weights, understand your limitations and work out for the right reasons.  Some of the following dangers are:

  1. You don’t stretch or warm-up.
  2. You don’t cool down properly.
  3. You don’t refuel properly.
  4. You don’t rest properly between sets.
  5. You don’t drink enough water.
  6. You drink too much water.
  7. You allow your body to cool down between sets.
  8. Your whole workout is just cardio
Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous For Your Health
Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous For Your Health
  1. Your whole workout is just strength training.
  2. You fall in love with fad workouts and stress or damage your body.
  3. You over train by lifting too much and/or doing too many reps.
  4. You push all your workouts to the max.
  5. You allow music, TV, or socializing to distract you from your workouts.
  6. You don’t pay attention on how you re-rack your weights.
  7. You push too hard and diet at the same time
  8. You don’t eat right.
  9. You want to outdo every one of your prior workouts or you feel like you failed.

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