Is Yoga Good Enough as an Exercise or do I have to do Strength Training too?

Yoga increases muscle endurance because you typically hold any given pose for a period of time and repeat it several times during a yoga workout.

Strength training builds stronger muscles and bones. Body-weight exercises like yoga can help with building some muscle size through strength and (mostly) endurance work, but weight training is way more effective in accomplishing stronger, bigger muscles and stronger bones.

While strength training of any kind has obvious benefits, such as building muscular strength, fat loss, improved metabolism, and increased bone density, yoga will provide you with added flexibility, while strength training will reduce flexibility.

Yoga conditions your body to perform things you do every day: walking, sitting, bending, lifting. Your body moves in the way it was designed to move. The best results would be by combining both Yoga and Strength Training into your fitness routine either together or separately.

You can introduce weights into your Yoga routine once you master it or you can try doing yoga as a warm-up before aerobic exercise or strength training or as a cool-down after your workout going for a run. Yoga is an incredibly versatile practice that can easily be incorporated into what you’re already doing for your body.

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