How to Make Your Exercises Give You The Best Results

There are hundreds of exercises that you can perform to achieve your desired success.  You will be familiar with most of these exercises, have seeing them done or done them yourself in the past.  The key to getting maximum desired results from your training is not obtained as much from WHAT you do, but from HOW you do it.

Many people train to increase their strength and performance in extreme exercises

Here are some pointers on how to keep good form and avoid injury:

  • Always breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth throughout the complete exercise.
Correct breathing increases lung capacity and strength
  • Never hold your breath while exercising.
  • Do not swing the weights in any exercise.
  • Always use the correct grip.
  • Do not arch your back to help lifting.
  • Always concentrate on the muscle you are working on.
  • Always squeeze the muscle at the completion point.
  • Never sacrifice good form for additional weight or repetitions
  • Do not perform jerking or impact motions with any exercise.
  • Always warm up before your exercising.
Leg work forces correct breathing practices

Always cool down and stretch after exercising

When you are training you are in your own private world, avoid competition, distractions, socializing, daydreaming or time restraints.  Set your time frame goal and slowly and carefully work to perfect it.

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