Workout Benefits Injuries

Workout Benefits. Which scenario motivates you to work out ?

  • A)  To achieve an above-normal goal even though it will eventually cause physical damage and unavoidable injuries?
  • B)  To stay fit, healthy and improve your quality of life?

Get real about what’s real.  Understand what it takes to stay fit, which is a lot less exercise than you think, and a lot simpler eating habits than most commercialized programs would like you to believeHector Sectzer

If your answer is (A), you should stop reading this book now and keep moving forward with your slow suicide techniques.  If your answer is (B), you are on the right path to health and wellbeing.

Workout Benefits

Understand that you are not a professional athlete and that there is absolutely no reason to take your body to extremes to accomplish physical fitness success. 

Stop listening to erroneous advice from friends that get on a “fad” diet or exercise program and swear by it, with stories of great physical results and weight loss success. 

Those people quickly gain their weight back and more, and eventually are riddled by a lifetime of pains and injury.

A workout should be an avenue to strengthen the body and the mind of an individual while building endurance and stability in the body and to provide the subject with longevity and a better quality of life. Hector Sectzer

STOP relying on someone else telling YOU what your body needs! 

Workout Benefits


Why do we beat and torture the body and believe that it is the way to keep it fit? 

Because to a certain extent we all have compulsive personalities and we believe that if a “little bit” helps, then “a lot” is far better.

Society’s warped sense of reality makes normality out of extreme behavior.  Daily exhausting routines WILL NOT ever help you MAINTAIN your goals. 

We can achieve cosmetic success by doing almost anything, starvation, working out for hours at a time, doing loads of cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, bodybuilding, etc. 

However, eventually the body WILL give out and be broken down by your torturous regime.

In addition, the constant strain and stress on the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments from harsh incorrect workouts deteriorates the body and we begin to experience a constant series of injuries, forcing most of us to quit working out while being left in most cases with “irreparable damage” for the rest of our lives. 

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