What Happens if I Don’t Eat Any Saturated Fat?

Saturated fat has gotten a bad rep in the industry. Saturated fat is needed, specially since the human brain is composed of 60% saturated fat.

The issue that makes saturated fat bad for the human body is over consumption and eating junk food with saturated fat that is chemically processed. As in all foods, people today are faced with an addiction to chemically processed foods filled with addicting chemicals and sugars.

Once a person is able to pull themselves apart from chemically manufactured or processed foods, they are left with the addiction to food, for the brain and body have been trained to overeat. An adjustment to the lifestyle is imperative to avoid the pitfalls of overeating.

Saturated fat is necessary for body functions. There are five major benefits to saturated fat:

* Brain Health

* Cardiovascular Health

* Bone Health

* Immune health

* Nervous System

Health It is important to eat the correct percentage of fat as not to go from benefits to damages. Saturated fat should be 10% of your fat intake with the other 90% being unsaturated fats. All fat intake should be void of chemicals, additives, preservatives and sugars.

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