Nutrition, Stay In The Race And Be A Winner

“People have a tendency to make ‘former’ obese people into Gurus and follow them as if they had some kind of magical solution to weight loss, fitness, and nutrition” ™ Hector Sectzer

We as human beings are a very interesting breed.  Have a tendency to seek advise on weight loss and health from individuals that have been overweight or obese most of their life and for a short period of time managed to lose it all.  We are looking for that magic pill, that magic drink or that one step solution to health and fitness.

Inquiring about weight loss from a person that lost a lot of weight, just because of that and not because of his/her long healthy lifestyle, is like going to the local butcher and ask him how to solve your heart problems.

Losing weight is the first and SMALLEST step in the overall journey to health and good physical conditioning.  If you were to compare weight loss to an 80-yard dash race, the losing weight part would be the part before the gun goes off and the competitors start running.

So hang in there, stay in the race and be a winner.

Good Nutrition Habits
Good Nutrition Habits

A healthy weight loss does not necessarily require a formal aerobic exercise program.

It is shown that aerobic exercise (that exercise that requires a longer time of activity each day to accelerate the pulse to a given rate, e.g. 120 beats per minute) provides benefits and is a good way to lose excess calories and reduce stress

But there are also less formal ways to increase the level of activity to avoid the accumulation of unwanted calories.

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