Why You Shouldn’t Diet

Why You Shouldn’t Diet
Why You Shouldn’t Diet

Eating has become a very complicated task for most of us today.  Since the introduction of chemically processed foods, additives, preservatives, bleaching, coloring, low fat diets, no fat diets, low carbohydrates diet, the ice cream diet, the rice diet, the Beverly Hills Diet, Weightwatchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, increase in diabetes, cholesterol in the arteries, etc. we have no clue how or what to eat anymore.

 To Diet is to Fail…

 Diet…a four letter word

You can expect… you just won’t get it

Since the beginning of low-fat diets the average weight of people has tripled.  A well-balanced nutritional program does not eliminate any “food” from your diet and in most cases once the body is balanced you will reject those foods that are too sweet, too salty, filled with chemicals or full of preservatives and fillers.  This will take effect if you follow your “body’s” craving signals and not your mind’s craving desires.

From fat to thin to fatter

To diet is to fail; no one needs to go on a diet which is in fact a severe, restrictive action designed to have a short life and severe repercussions.  The body is not designed to operate safely and efficiently when restricted from required nourishment. Seemingly insignificant damage from incorrect nutrition and fad diets accumulates with time and eventually causes rapid aging, disease, weaker muscles, damaging ligaments, tendons, joints, and overall damage to all body organs.

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