Tips For A Healthy Life

“You won’t want as much, and you won’t want the same, but you’ll still want and you’ll get what you want, which is the key to staying satisfied.” ™ Hector Sectzer

Healthy Life

  1. Balancing your body by being on a healthy nutritional program is not a punishment
    • If you were an automobile you would be begging for high grade octane and top of the line oil.
  2. Eating right just means eating foods that are free of chemicals.
    • If you were an automobile you wouldn’t want olive oil in the oil running through your engine or sugar in your tank.
  3. Overeating organic or junk food is unhealthy.
    • If you were a car you wouldn’t want to fill the trunk and your back seat with gasoline, “because it tastes so good”.
  4. When you balance your system by giving it the right food (nutrients), you’ll feel better, more energetic, have no need to overeat and will have a lower stress level.
    • If you were a car and would put high octane gas in it, the best oil, have periodic mechanical check-ups, you would perform much better and last a lot longer.
  5. You want to take care of your car because it cost you a lot of money and it takes you places…
    • You should want to take care of your body because diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer’s are expensive and your body takes you EVERYWHERE.
Healthy Life
Tips for Healthy Life

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