The Key To Never Have To Worry About Losing Weight Again

  • Balancing your body is the key to eliminate crazy cravings.  Eating right is not a form of punishment.  Eating ‘only food’ will not restrict you of sweets, breads or pasta. 
  • Just imagine if you had a $400,000.00 Rolls Royce.  Would you try to keep all the oils, gasoline and water in the proper balanced form?  Or would junk do?
The Key To Never Have To Worry About Losing Weight Again
We treat our cars better than our bodies because they are expensive…
  • Eating ‘only food’ means no addicting and harming chemicals.
    • Would you put sugar in the tank of that Rolls?  Or maybe Canola oil in the oil fill port and maybe some water instead of power steering fluid.
The Key To Never Have To Worry About Losing Weight Again
Would you put this oil in your Rolls?
  • Overeating ANYTHING organic or junk food is unhealthy.
    • So on that Rolls Royce, would you overfill the tank with gasoline, the oil fill port with an additional quart of oil and maybe instead of 40 PSI on the tires put 80 PSI?
  • When the human body is balanced and the right nutrients are put into it, the body reacts by feeling better, more energetic, it has no need to overeat, it will keep away from common illnesses and will have a lower stress level.
    • In that VERY EXPENSIVE Rolls Royce, would you put cheap gas in it or high-octane gas, the best oil, treat it like a baby, keep it washed and covered in the garage.  Or would you park it on the street with the doors unlocked?
    • People want to take care of their cars because they cost a lot of money and takes them places. You should want to take care of your body because your body takes you everywhere and diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and Alzheimer’s are expensive, and painful and degrading and make you helpless and a burden.

“You won’t want as much, and you won’t want the same, but you’ll still want, and you’ll get what you want, which is the key to staying satisfied.” Hector Sectzer

© Copyright – Hector Sectzer


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