Why Is Eating Such A Difficult Thing To Master

You will master eating and never have to worry about weight gain again when you “Eat Only Food

Why is that?

  • Because the body needs nutrients in “Real Food”
  • Eating food without reading labels, makes you a human trash can.
  • The body needs nutrients, not stimulating junk food
  • Once the body gets the nutrients it needs, the cravings subside
  • Proper nutrients will keep your body balanced
Why Is Eating Such A Difficult Thing To Master
Why Is Eating Such A Difficult Thing To Master

Once we decide on a proper nutritional program that contains only the nutrients the body needs it takes a while to adjust your “brain cravings” to your new way of eating.  It is impossible to ‘unlearn’ what you learned and practiced for so many years, but you can now identify what is good for you and what will make you FAT.  Below are some hints on how to spot proper nutrition.

Closeup of obese elderly woman

When choosing what to eat we must take into account the following

  • Read ingredient labels to insure proper nutrition.
  • Spotting bad ingredients in food labels.                                         
  • Understand killer ingredients in your food.
  • What foods to stay away from.
  • GMO’s and their effect on the body.
  • If you are not “regular” and your system is not eliminating waste twice to three times a day, waste is accumulating and rotting in your lower colon.
  • How heat affects your food.
  • What oils to use in the kitchen.
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