So Now I’m Eating Right, How Do I Relieve Constant Stress?

Eating right, taking the right supplements and staying active are key ingredients to staying in good health, however some additional things are important to keeping the mind healthy and avoiding falling back into bad habits.

Eating right, taking the right supplements and staying active are key ingredients to staying in good health
Find An activity That Brings Joy Into Your Life

Find enjoyment in your life.  We do a lot of things in life because we have to, work is one of them and as much as you might not like what you do and can’t make money at what you enjoy doing, you need to find those things in your job that you can actually like.  You have to go to work on a daily basis and being negative about it won’t help your life get better.  That being said, the following might help:

  • Find something that you enjoy doing on your breaks. 
  • If your job requires for you to sit all day, take walks during your breaks. 
  • If your job requires for you to stand all day, make sure that you sit and relax during your breaks. 
  • In either case it helps to stretch and get rid of stiffness that is created in your body when we sit or stand for too long.

Five minutes of pure fun or joy or just concentrating on something you enjoy in the middle of the daily midst of a grind can be amazingly rewording and astonishingly invigorating.  Find a way of incorporating laughter in your day, make sure you get some sun during your breaks. If you live in a city with long hard winters and no sun, purchase a UV lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation similar to sunlight and thus produces vitamin D3. Take deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth to get oxygen into your lungs and clear your head.

Limit negative thinking and complaining.  Negativity begets negativity and it’s hard to get those thoughts out of your head.  Constantly complaining about something or someone that you don’t like doesn’t make that person or that something any better and it stores bad energy in your body.  Taking kind action and trying to resolve negative issues instead of complaining and feeling helpless will bring about positive and rewarding results.  Train your mind to stay positive and you will reduce a great amount of stress in your life.

Negativity begets negativity and it’s hard to get those thoughts out of your head.
Avoid Unnecessary Arguing

Give your brain and nervous system a rest. Most of us give our bodies a rest from time to time but keep our brains active which can lead to additional nervous strain.  To really shut down and completely rest we must make sure that we stop thinking by shutting down the brain.  A great number of people have trouble going to sleep for that reason, once they crash at night, their brain begins to go on overdrive, thinking of everything that has happened during the day, what has been left unsaid or undone and what is on the plate for the next few days.  To be able to shut down for the night we need to train the mind during the day by taking complete shut-down breaks for a few minutes every time we get the chance.

Get Closure on all matters on a daily basis. Call time out.  Often, we allow people to be rude, mistreat us or make us feel less than them, specially when they hold a superior position at work or when we want something from them.  We also have the tendency not to ask for clarification when we know that someone is lying to us, because we don’t want to hurt them or ruin a relationship.  Unfortunately the more we allow people to get away with their abusive behavior the worse the situation gets. There are definitely ways to confront people in a nice manner to be able to resolve whatever issue is at hand. You know the person you’re dealing with best and therefore it is important that you find a way to be able to get closure on whatever situation you face so that negative nervous energy does not build up in your system.  Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression are the byproducts of not getting closure on a day to day basis.

Be kind and do for others.  Treat all things with Kindness, while I know that it is difficult to respond with kindness around those that are rude or mistreat us, however when you respond with kindness the burden and guilt is left with the other person.  I have found many people get incredible satisfaction when they are able to help other people.  As a form of self-therapy it is a good idea from time to time to help others that don’t expect it. No matter how difficult your life journey is there is always someone that has a more difficult and problematic life and would welcome your help.

And of course one Should be grateful for what they have, however sometimes is exceedingly difficult because of all the influences around us and the race to “keep up with the Joneses” that makes us want those things that are not essential in our lives. We must keep in mind that to have good healthy body we must also have a healthy mind and avoid as much stress as possible for stress is one of the most dangerous health killers of all time.  Reduce your stress whenever possible.

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