We Spend More Time Inside Our Heads Than We Need To

What does that mean?  It means that since our brain is the “engine” of our being, we spend 80 percent of the time processing and influencing everything that we do.  This can ultimately create a lot of anxiety, stress, worry, and fear. 

What does that mean?  It means that since our brain is the “engine” of our being
Too mucho time on dark thoughs can be really bad

Maybe we find ourselves wandering off during a work meeting, worried about due dates while we are in the shower, making dinner, or driving home, etc. or thinking about our “to do” list while we are exercising, working, talking on the phone, or participating in an event, etc.  Our thinking minds are always at work, and whether we are positive or negative people stress often makes us fall into the inevitable unconstructiveness commanding our minds to view and process everything as a problem.

The mental chatter going on in our minds can either serve us well or it can enslave us depending on our ability to control our thoughts and our actions but primarily depending on our brain health.

The problem arises when our minds are unconsciously in total control until we actively remind ourselves to stay in the moment, stay on task, stay positive.  Our negative minds divert our attention from everything important, to what often tends to be a bunch of unfocused thoughts and worries. This disrupts our natural sense of creativity, focus, and clarity. Keeping a positive mind is in most cases very difficult…and that might not be our fault.

he confusing and negative mental chatter that takes place in the mind doesn't deserve the attention it very often demands.
Beware with the isolation

The confusing and negative mental chatter that takes place in the mind doesn’t deserve the attention it very often demands.  Allowing confusing and negative thoughts to overtake our actions and control our thinking which rarely brings us to any great revelation.  We “temporarily” leave our “current task” train of thought and go to another place in our mind that usually has nothing to do with the undertaking at hand.  The cluttered mind is very disruptive, it hinders our productivity, our critical thinking, and creativity.  This is often described as a “cloudy headed” feeling or “Brain Fog.”  A condition that can be corrected.

Brain Fog Can be Devastating

Some of the common effects of “Brain Fog” include poor memory, having a difficult time focusing or concentrating, and struggling with articulation.  

Just imagine if you could continuously control your brain to concentrate into focusing like a laser on the thing you are trying to accomplish.  When we are not able to concentrate and focus it disrupts of our productivity and causes everything we attempt to undertake to become more difficult and take more time to accomplish.  

If by any stretch of the imagination you think you are alone in feeling the consequences of “Brain Fog” you are mistaken. Most people at one time or another experience “Brain Fog” and a great percentage live with the stressful condition.  Today there are solutions

that will clear “Brain Fog” in the form of supplementation. Please visit our site for additional information and possible solutions.

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