Putting The Right Fuel In Your Body Just Like You Do In Your Car

My car started making loud noises and suddenly stopped.  I took it to the mechanic, and he asked, “What type of gasoline are you putting in this car?”  I replied it’s called Gastrogas, 10% gasoline, 40% rocket fluid 20% antifreeze and 30% water. The mechanic fixed the car and warned me not to use Gastrogas in the car because it was not fuel that the engine can process.

A few days later, my car stopped working again so I took it to the mechanic.  He looked at me and said, “You are still putting that junk fuel in the car?”  I replied “Yes, it’s so much cheaper than regular gasoline, I can’t afford the regular fuel these days.  Don’t you have some high-performance liquid, some pill, some additive that I can use with it so my car can work?”  He replied, “You can’t put junk in your gas tank and expect any additive to make the car work better.  To keep the car running correctly you need the right fuel and the right additives so the engine can process it and not blow up.”

Putting The Right Fuel In Your Body Just Like You Do In Your Car
Putting the right fuel in your body is of outmost importance

I am sure we all understand this fictional story on what can happen to a car if we give it junk fuel.  However if we replaced the word ‘car” for the word “my body” and the word “mechanic” for “doctor” in the above story maybe you’ll get a better idea of the damages of bad fuel in the human body. A lot of us don’t seem to understand why it is so dangerous to put junk food in our systems.  We subconsciously believe that the body is somehow indestructible…until it destructs.

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