Fake Foods

Foods that the body does not have the ability to fully process, due to manufacturer’s processing, use of additives, preservatives, and chemicals which strip them of any nutritional value causing harm the body when ingested or forcing the body to store such foods as fat. Those Are Fake Foods – Hector Sectzer

Fake Foods
Example of Fake Foods
  • Just the fact that some people would even think that the above erroneous logic has any validity shows that they have not spent the time to educate themselves in that area of health well enough to protect themselves against health harming practices by the food industry’s efforts to increase their “bottom line”.  Additionally it shows that these individuals have “unconscious eating habits” and eat for any reason except when they should, when they are hungry.  Those that “live to eat” will develop dangerous health issues and will accelerate their system’s aging process. Very Fake Food.
  • One must “eat to live” and put fuel in our system only when we are hungry.  That being the case, it is very important that you don’t think for a minute that those who manufacture food for distribution in supermarkets are beyond putting out products that will destroy your health, knowingly or not.  It is up to you to READ INGREDIENT LABELS!
  • Eating is not a form of entertainment.  We don’t find ourselves forcing fuel in the tank of your car when the tank is full.  If there’s no need for nutrition, there should be no need to eat.

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