Lose Weight Without Pain

Lose Weight Without Pain
Lose Weight Without Pain

When most of us want to get back in shape and lose some weight, the first thing we think about is going on a diet. And the second is to join a gym and workout until all that fat sweats off our body.  I label those two things “restriction and self-abuse.”

No one should be on a diet because it entails restricting ourselves from everything that we like to eat.  We’re sending a direct message to the brain that we are going to be in a suffering and constraint mode and the brain says…” we must fight this; the body is a democracy not a dictatorship.”

When most of us want to get back in shape and lose some weight, the first thing we think about is going on a diet
Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to include Restricting Diets

Adding to that, the torture of punishing our bodies at a place where everyone goes to leave their sweat, mucus and germs while punishing their muscles until they cry in pain… that’s the perfect  picture of self-abuse and only a masochist would be content with that type of evil grueling schedule.

 That being said, what should be the first thing we should think about when we want to lose weight and get healthier?  The answer to that is a slow process leading to lifestyle change.  But before we get into that it’s most important that we understand how crucial the reduction of stress is to everything good we’re trying to accomplish, from getting healthy, to enjoying the company of others, to be able to tolerate work with a happy and exciting sense of being.

The following suggestions will help reduce some of that irritable stress and put you on the right path of health and wellbeing.

Respect Your Body Needs:

When we’re constantly on the go and we get pressures from our significant others, our friends, our relatives, our coworkers and from our own bodies that just won’t cooperate and get in shape and stay in shape, there’s several steps that we must pay attention to.

  • Get enough sleep…at least eight hours and no more than 9.
  • Tray to get to bed by 9:30 PM and get the best deeper sleep that takes place between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM.
  • Eat foods that will provide nutrients and not sugar loaded, stimulant driven junk.
  • Take your required breaks at work and make sure you eat your lunch without interruptions and distractions.
  • The minute you feel either stressed, too busy, irritated or overwhelmed several deep breaths in through the nose and out through your mouth.  Get a glass of water and seep it slowly to reset your system.
Get enough sleep…at least eight hours and no more than 9
Sleep is a Key Factor in Achieving Weight Loss

Keep Mental Positiveness:

To be able to accomplish this there are several things you must do:

  • Stay away from negative people
    • Do not keep your mind in a “Fight or Flight Mode” at any time, specially when an unexpected situation arrives that interferes with your daily routine.
    • Keep a positive line of thinking at all times.  Whatever takes place that annoys you will do so if you stress out or not, so the result will be the same.
    • Don’t rely on others for things you can do yourself.
    • Understand that “this” doesn’t only happen to you.  Controversy and negative circumstances happen to everyone.  How you handle them is what makes the difference between staying stress free and happy versus stressed and miserable. 
    • Remember that there’s always a way to work things out and settle things no matter what the controversy is.

Surround Yourself with Positive People Only:

One of the biggest problems with moving forward is the fact that many of us are surrounded with what I call “energy vampires” that constantly attempt to bleed us for every ounce of energy we got.  Unfortunately, we often feel sorry for them for whatever reason and we keep them around.  Negative people are like poisonous food, once it gets inside of us, if we don’t throw it up we pay the price and it’s no use going back to eating that poisonous food and expect different results.  To succeed in anything in life we need to be around people that are positive, trust us, love us and support us.

In conclusion keeping a good positive outlook on life and trying to eat “only food” will keep your mind clear to move forward and accomplish your health goals.  Keep in mind that eating chemically processed foods are not “real foods” they’re void of the nutrients your body needs and carry damaging chemicals that will affect your health.

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