Listening To Your Body Instead Of Your Mind

Many people have trouble knowing how to listen to their bodies.  When does my body speak to me?  How does my body speak to me?  The reason why these questions come up is because we have been trained from childhood that when the body speaks in pain, we must take a pill.

The following are some of the ways the body speaks to us:

  • When we are tired.  Get some sleep, don’t just eat sweets to stay up.
  • Headaches.  Don’t just take a pill, this could be happening from something you ate, from overstraining while exercising, stress, etc.  Find the source don’t just numb the problem with a pill.
Listening To Your Body Instead Of Your Mind
Listening To Your Body Instead Of Your Mind
  • “Training Tired”.  Most people believe that the correct way of following a training program is every other day.  Others believe that they should work-out twice a day, others yet that you should rest two days between workouts.  Your body will let you know when its ready for you to perform the next workout.  Don’t train exhausted, don’t train while sick, don’t train just because you think that ‘more is better’.  Figure out what your body requires as a rest period to recuperate, then follow that.  Remember we don’t build muscle when we work-out, we break it down.  Muscle builds when we rest.
  • Getting constantly sick.  This is a sign your body is trying to tell you that you are doing or eating the wrong things.  Find out what those things are and correct them.  Sometimes we are slightly allergic to some foods, specially the ones we crave and that causes us to constantly be ill.
  • Cravings.  That is the body telling you of some kind of deficiency or over stressful situation.

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