How Do I Boost My Energy?

The body’s inner systems work together in a highly organized manner to maintain a relatively stable equilibrium between all of the chemical processes that occur in the body.

The body relies on “good fuel”, just like your car.  The body is either in a ‘building phase’ when it gets proper fuel, ready to overtake tasks designed by you, just like your car after you fill it up with gasoline.  Or a breaking down phase, the period when that fuel is used to accomplish the tasks at hand, just like your car. 

So imagine if you put bad watered-down gasoline in your car, dirty oil and watered-down steering fluid, how much energy is your car going to have?

So if you put junk food in your system and get ready to take on a busy day, how much energy are you going to have?

The food you eat can either be burned to release energy as you need it, converted into body weight, adding fat or muscle to your body or excreted.

  • Junk food – gets stored as fat
  • Good food gets burned to release energy
  • Chemically induced food – gets stored in the fat cells
  • Good food feeds the body with necessary nutrients
  • Chemically induced food has a hard time being excreted from the system
  • Good food is used up by the body to provide energy and is also easily excreted when not used
  • Junk food robs you of energy
  • Good food charges you with energy
  • Calories coming from protein are used for maintenance, repair, and growth of new tissues and organs.
  • Chemically induced food robs you of energy
  • Calories from carbohydrates are used for energy.
  • Calories from conventional sources of a fat are prone to be stored as fat since it already has the same molecular structure as body fat.
How Do I Boost My Energy?
How Do I Boost My Energy?

Eat right and your body will provide energy.  Supplements that can help boost your energy work better and more efficiently with the aid of good food that provide the right nutrients.

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