Key Steps to Get Healthy and Protect Your Immune System


Identify the problem that is causing your health, (mentally, physically, or even spiritually) to not function in the desired ultimate condition. 
Financial problems cause stress…stress attacks the immune system

Some of those obstacles that often seem to get in the way of keeping up with good health are: 

Financial Problems 

Family Problems 

Health Handicaps  

Personality Traits  

Uncontrollable Cravings 

Over the Counter Medicine 

Prescribed Medicine 

Family Issues 

Outside Pressures 

Drugs and alcohol 

Start reading the ingredient labels on ALL food you purchase at the supermarket
Food cravings are a sign of incorrect daily nutrition

Start reading the ingredient labels on ALL food you purchase at the supermarket.  Remember, that packaged or canned products in the supermarket have basically three labels:  

1. The marketing label, which is a picture on the box of the product inside, done so well, that it should make you want to eat the box.   

2. The nutritional label, that tells you the percentage of vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, etc. that a serving of the product has.  The problem is that if the product (food) you want to buy, is chemically processed, and not organic, the nutritional content of the food is almost non-existent.  

3. The ingredient label, that tells you what type of ingredients are actually in the box or canned goods.  This is the most important label, so learn to read these labels to avoid being conned into buying garbage, or “junk” food. 

  •  Eliminate from your daily food intake any food with additives, fillers, dyes, and preservatives.  Most food these days can be purchased in its natural uncompromised state and it is as tasty as those with chemicals in it, but actually healthy for you.  If you don’t understand an ingredient name in the label of a product, don’t purchase it.  The idea here is to Only Eat Food items and not foreign substances and chemicals.  

Adjust whatever is necessary in your personal life to relieve stress by resetting your physical and mental reactions to the inevitable stress everyday living brings.  

  • Stay away from sugar and sugar products as much as you can.  
  • Determine if your eating habits are being influenced by any obstacles mentioned on #1 above.  Identify which one, the time it happened, and the food you consumed.  Become aware of WHAT you eat, WHY you eat, WHEN you eat, and how much you eat.  Identify established eating habits to be able to correct them and start by reducing portions of your food intake. 

The correct number of fruits and vegetables to be consumed daily is approximately 4½ cups per day.   

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