How Do I Pick The Best Detox For Me?

The very first thing when considering detoxifying is to seek advice from your family physician.  Not knowing your present condition and health issues, prescribed drugs being taken, drinking habits, eating habits etc., it would be very difficult to determine the effect of detoxification on you.  There are many detoxifying programs, depending on your individual needs.

The very first thing when considering detoxifying is to seek advice from your family physician
Fruits will Help Keep A Clean Digestive System
  • Many programs follow a 7-day schedule.
  • Many follow a 30-day schedule.
  • There are blood-cleansing detoxification programs.
  • There are colon cleansing detoxification programs.
  • There are kidney, liver, and gall bladder cleansing detoxification programs.
  • There are many others – Google them for more information.

Make sure that whatever program you choose is not harsh on your system and if such program takes weeks to a month to complete, do it for a shorter time the first couple of times just to get your body used to the regime.  Cleansing is not a case of “the longer the better” or “the harsher the better”, it is not a contest nor a race, it is a health improving issue, YOUR health improving issue and we are all different and have different histories and habits.

Remember – there is no “One Best” detoxification program.  Which one you need depends on what toxins are causing you the most problems.  In fact, you may need to try more than one, particularly if you have years of build-up with more than one type of toxin.

Which one you need depends on what toxins are causing you the most problems
Roughage Will Keep You Lower Colon Healthy

Supplements and mild exercise should be considered as well as some stress releasing options, such as massage, whirlpool, sauna, stretching and relaxing.  Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily slowly throughout the day to effectively release toxins from your system.  Other liquids than water don’t count for the eight to ten glasses daily.

Fruits And Vegetables

“Fruits and vegetables are two of the tried and true recommendations for a healthy diet”.  Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you:

The correct amount of fruits and vegetables to be consumed daily is approximately 4½ cups per day.  Having one cup per meal, if you eat at least three meals daily, gets you very close to that and as a late snack, fruits can be very satisfying.  That would put you at about four cups plus daily.  The average American gets a total of just one serving of fruits and vegetables a day. 

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