Trans Fats Problem

The problem with trans-fats is that they are chemically altered and fail to produce a healthy product.

Trans-fats stick to the cell wall interfering with normal metabolic processes by substituting themselves for a natural substance, therefore preventing the natural substances from doing their job and allowing foreign substances to invade your body. 

It is important to understand that trans–fats are poisons, just like arsenic, rat poison or cyanide which interfere with the metabolic processes of life by taking the place of a natural substance that performs a critical function in the protection of the body’s health and wellbeing.

That poison (trans-fats) slowly attacks your body causing long term illnesses and in many cases death.  Unfortunately our bodies have no defense mechanism against them!

“This is product marketed as a “health food” which gives more credence to the fact that manufacturers WILL LIE and is up to the consumer to READ LABELS.” ™ Hector Sectzer

Partially Hydrogenated Oils Make You Fat!

In addition to being a poison as if that wasn’t bad enough, partially hydrogenated oils interfere with the proper metabolizing of foods that we ingest causing damage to our internal organs and stimulating the onset of diseases like multiple sclerosis, diabetes and allergies that lead to arthritis.  The damage of partially hydrogenated oils doesn’t stop there, they will make you fat, cause long term illnesses and eventually and most certainly will KILL YOU.

Trans fats problem
Trans fats problem

Our bodies have no choice, essential fatty acids are vital to every metabolic function in the body.  The body will get the quantity of essential fatty acids that it needs to sustain life, no matter what. Hunger will not stop until you do.

If you are consuming lots of saturated fats, you WILL become fat, because saturated fats contain only small quantities of the polyunsaturated fats with essential fatty

acids needed for the body to survive. One key element to being thin and remaining so, is to consume foods containing large amounts of polyunsaturated oils. (Amongst many others, those foods include fish, olives, nuts, and egg yolks.)  Over the long term, those foods reduce your sense of hunger and uncontrollable cravings.

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