Chemicals In Our Food

Food chemically enhanced is designed to be addictive.  Such chemicals eventually throughout the years cripple or destroy our inner organs causing major diseases, long lasting pain and emotional distress.

To count as an addiction there also must be withdrawals, and as we well know when we restrict ourselves from chemically induced food, we have intolerable withdrawals, elevated bad moods, short temperament and a many times feeling of uncontrollable anger.

Food manufacturers put addicting chemicals and sugars in the food to get the shoppers addicted to their products.  The major addictive item is sugar and 95% of all foods whether spicy or sweet contain sugar.

Food Chemicals
Food Chemicals

Eating bad foods is a combination of social, motivational, emotional, genetic and environmental factors acting together to create the addiction trigger.

While most addictions are belittled by society, food addiction is not only accepted, but supported and even denied at great lengths by society that it is an addiction problem.

Staying healthy and being selective of what you eat is not society’s responsibility, it is not the food manufacture’s responsibility…it is our individual responsibility.

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