How Do I Avoid Temptation When On A Diet

To avoid temptation on a diet, you shouldn’t be on a diet, none should. The mind set that we should eat everything in sight, food or not, like the world was coming to an end and then restrict ourselves of most food to lose weight has been proven to be the second definition of insanity.

Cravings and temptation for food comes about because the human brain refuses to be restricted for any period of time and if the case is that you are successful with restricting it for a particular time, the minute you release that restriction you will gain all the weight you lost plus more.

The reason for this is because the body has been depleted of key nutrients for an extended period of time and now it’s starving to get those nutrients back. It will do so plus it will store as much as it can to avoid breaking down. The body was created to survive at all cost.

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