Being Overweight Or Obese Might Just Not Be Your Fault

The main idea of processing foods is for the products that food manufacturers put on the shelves to have a long shelf life, therefore higher profit.

Having food spoil quickly on the shelves would considerably cut down on their bottom line.  Longevity on the shelves gives the manufacturer of these chemically filled products a far better chance that eventually someone will purchase them. 

Given the way foods are processed, they excite your taste buds, are often very easy to chew and swallow and they leave you wanting more. Sometimes, because of their addictive properties they seem to almost melt in your mouth and give you a feeling of warmth, happiness and an uncontrollable desire to continue eating.

Being Overweight Or Obese Might Just Not Be Your Fault
Being Overweight Or Obese Might Just Not Be Your Fault

Most of the processed foods have their fiber removed and the healthy ingredients are refined, isolated nutrients that don’t provide near the needed amount of nutrition the body requires nor resemble the whole foods they came from.

This makes refined and processed foods more appealing, easier to consume, quicker to digest and more affordable.  However due to their addicting nature we spend 3 to 4 times the amount of money on those foods because we just can’t stop eating them.  We need that “feel good high” they provide. 

How does it feel to be drugged against your will…and ask for more?

We unconsciously eat more of them in a shorter amount of time, taking in more calories in (as if we were under some evil magical control) and we also burn less energy, less calories, digesting them, than we would if they were unprocessed, whole foods, and we certainly always need to consume more of processed foods to satisfy our addiction.

Your body will burn twice as many calories digesting an unprocessed meal than it will when you ingest a processed meal.  The balance of those calories is stored in your body as fat.

In conclusion: If you want to lose weight, processed foods are not the way to go.  If you want to have any chance at avoiding serious illnesses down the line, processed foods are not for you. However if you enjoy the feeling of an addict and feeling chained against your will forced to overeat to satisfy your food addiction…processed foods are right for you. 

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