To Diet Is To Fail!

To Diet Is To Fail!
To Diet Is To Fail!

You can expect… you just won’t get it.

A well balanced nutritional program does not eliminate any “food” from your diet and in most cases once the body is balanced you will reject those foods that are too sweet, too salty, filled with chemicals or full of preservatives and fillers.  This will take effect if you follow your “body’s” natural craving signals and not your mind’s craving desires.

To diet is to fail; no one needs to go on a diet which is in fact a severe
Diets Are Extremely Unhealthy

To Diet is to Fail…

To diet is to fail; no one needs to go on a diet which is in fact a severe, restrictive action designed to have a short life and severe repercussions.  The body is not designed to operate safely and efficiently when restricted from required nourishment.  While the body, being the greatest machine ever created is able to keep alive when it is restricted, little by little it wears down with seemingly insignificant damage that accumulates with time and eventually causes rapid aging, disease, weaker muscles, damaging ligaments, tendons, joints, and overall damage to all body organs.

Digestion of food can take from under two hours to 4.5 hours and if we include red meat, now we’re up to three days of digestion.  This is if your system is working in top condition and you allow food digestion to take place without constantly eating.  Be aware that this digestive time is for food only, additives, preservatives, bleached products, dyes, artificial substances and other chemicals put in food to extend freshness and good coloring could never be digested by the human body.  These chemicals and additives do not leave your body as waste but stay stored in your body fat, since the body has no way of knowing how to process it.

Chemicals stored in your system slowly and systematically destroy vital parts of the body.  So what you eat today can kill you in a few years down the road.  Be aware of these chemicals by reading ingredient labels and not purchasing those that enhance food with chemicals.  Checking the point of origin or place of manufacturing will also help avoid eating contaminated food. If by chance you have ingested these chemicals because you don’t read labels you must find out what cleansing systems work best to cleanse your liver, kidneys, gall bladder, and colon so your system can return to a normal and effective functioning machine.

Incorrectly digested food can stay for decades stuck to your lower colon as well as in parts of your stomach and digestive system
Only Put “Real Food” Into Your Body

Incorrectly digested food can stay for decades stuck to your lower colon as well as in parts of your stomach and digestive system.

 A “Nutritional Program” which feeds your body with the correct “fuel’ that the body needs is the way to reduce and stay mentally and physically healthy.  The body is very forgiving and it will repair itself of most damage done by incorrect nutrition, once you embark on a “good” nutritional program.  The best time to do this is now, no matter what age you are or how long you have been abusing your body.

The idea is to bring the body to a well-tuned physical condition.  Only put “real” food into your body.  The body’s reaction to food intake and how to balance it should be done on a weekly basis and not day-to-day.  One has plenty of time correcting daily eating mistakes.

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