I’m An Unconscious Eater…Are You?

I’m An Unconscious Eater... Are You?
I’m An Unconscious Eater... Are You?
A great majority of people have the knowledge of most foods that are not good for them
Taste Overrides Any Rationale

A great majority of people have the knowledge of most foods that are not good for them.  But because they choose to ignore the fact or think that “one time they eat it won’t hurt them” (every time they eat it), or because it tastes soooo good or because they can’t offend the host or because life is hard, etc. they choose to ingest harmful ingredients.  These ingredients will eventually, years down the line break down your system and make it very difficult to continue a healthy life.

 WHAT DO I DO?  Donuts are not bad for you, cakes are not bad for you, pasta is not bad for you… what is bad for you are the ingredients that they used to make these foods and how they were cooked.  so read labels, ask questions, buy only food and you will put the manufacturers of bad food out of business!  Who cares what they choose to put in their foods if what they sell is not “only food” don’t buy it!  Let the manufacturers eat their own garbage.                 

Eating… The Unconscious Act.

Unfortunately eating for most of us is not a conscious act. Eating is a sport, an entertaining activity, an escape, a way to feel “warm and fuzzy”, a way to not feel alone, an answer to our depression, our guilt, our anxiety, a way to dry our tears.  We eat as a reactive mechanism to daily life and its hardships or successes.  Eating can be almost impossible to control. If you are tired, even though you have been getting enough sleep, the body might be asking for a complex carbohydrate, some protein, an apple, some nuts, maybe water or some fruit juice?  Why is my mind asking for cake, chocolate, ice cream, candy, etc.?  Why am I succumbing to this behavior and unconsciously eating everything in sight?   

What if driving would be an unconscious act?  We could get up in the morning, get in our car, blind fold ourselves
Listen To The Body

What if driving would be an unconscious act?  We could get up in the morning, get in our car, blind fold ourselves (as we do when we eat, for we eat blindly without any thought as to whether what we eat will actually provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals to get it to perform our daily routine).  Then we would just drive off, trying to guess a path to an unknown destination, and truly believe that we would cause no property or bodily damage to ourselves and others.  This example fairly describes how we eat and the damage that it causes us.

What Do I Do? Learn how to listen to your body needs.  Every time our bodies have a craving it’s a cry by our bodies for help.  A body asks for nutrition to overcome and balance a certain deficiency.  Learn what that nutrition is, start thinking of food as nutrition rather than a “good tasting” piece of food.  Give your body enough water throughout the day.  Strategize your day so you can have a hand full of food every couple of hours.  Stay mentally positive, override your mind’s desire for junk food and replace it with your body’s need for correct nutrition.  control your mind and your body will trim down on its own.  Get out of the mentality that you need three meals a day.  You need food when you are hungry, just like a car needs fuel when the tank is getting empty.  Eating does not have to be a whole meal, it can be just enough to get you back on track and eliminate your tiredness or hunger. So when you get home from work, refuse to have a big meal.  Eat enough of what your body needs, then call it a night.

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